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Second WEG Tokyo Roundtable – October 23 2014

We are grateful to Bloomberg New Energy Finance for hosting the second WEG Tokyo roundtable at their central Tokyo offices on October 23.  Prof Tatsuo Masuda, a member of WEG’s international advisory panel, is organising the discussion. Lord Howell, WEG’s chairman, will be guest of honour.

This is a by invitation event so please let us know if this is of interest.

Tomorrow WEG is supporting a one-day discussion in Cambridge with leading policy-makers, academics and partners  the challenges facing global nuclear power. We are grateful to EDF for their support. A number of subsequent expert in-depth reviews are planned in Cambridge. Please let us know if there are topics you would like explored and whether you might be interested in future meetings.

Meanwhile energy security in Europe remains a concern. WEG is grateful to the Lithuanian ambassador for hosting a WEG dinner on Balkan energy security concerns on June 2.  A former Lithuanian energy minister is among those taking part.

The big growth in global LNG shipments is expected to result in regional spot markets. WEG will be looking into the implications at a dinner hosted by the Kuwait ambassador on June 9. Among those taking part is a global expert on these developments from Singapore and Dr Shafranik,  former Russian energy minister who chairs  Soyuzneftegaz and chair of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia.

WEG is grateful for your support and would like to hear about topics which are of interest and whether you might be interested in supporting some expert roundtables.

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