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Afghan Scenarios: Regional Implications

The meeting was chaired by Lord Howell – chairman of the Windsor Energy Group. Expert speakers include;

H.E. Dr Mohammad Daud Yaar –Afghan Ambassador; discussed the current situation in Afghanistan.

Roddy Sale – Editor of the Lord Curzon papers after the second Afghan war; discussed the lessons to be learned and how British policy changed after the second Afghan War.

Lt Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner – Commanded troops in Afghanistan; discussed the current security outlook.

Dr Ali Wardak – Professor at the University of South Wales; discussed legal achievements and challenges.

James Blewett – Director of Markets, Enterprise and Trade Division at Landell Mills Development Consultants; discussed investment opportunities and challenges.

Pakistan Army Attache Colonel Zulfiqar Ali Bhatty discussed the regional implications Afghanistan will have on Pakistan and the region

Afghan Scenarios: Regional Implications

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