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Japanese Energy Review



His Excellency Mr Keiichi Hayashi,  the Ambassador for Japan to the UK, has agreed to host a Windsor Energy Group review of energy developments in Japan.

This is the London follow-through of the 2nd WEG Tokyo Roundtable held in October in Tokyo.

The meeting was chaired by Lord Howell, chairman of the Windsor Energy Group, who presented the key points of the WEG Tokyo Roundtable.

The expert panel consisted out of:

Grzegorz Pytel, Energy Expert at the Sobieski Institute, who talked about the implications of the China-Russia energy accords.

Phil Caldwell, CEO of Ceres Power, who shared his thoughts on hydrogen ambitions in Japan.

Andrew Leung, International and Independent China Specialist, who spoke on implications for Japan and other Pacific Rim countries in the light of the Sino-Russian energy pact.

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