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Protection Of Minorities In The Middle-East

As MEC focuses principally on the Middle East, religious intolerance has become an ever present element in the MENA region that we would like to fixate upon. Therefore our Interfaith Initiative Project is being designed for individuals, foundations, and organizations to join together and discuss the underlying complexities of religious intolerance and share their intellectual insight. Promoting dialogue pertaining to religious intolerance and interfaith societies is a focal point of this project.

Firstly we had planned a House of Lords 2-hour discussion chaired by Lord Lothian and Lord Howell. The event took place on November 26. The panel consisted of ambassadors, representatives from religious and cultural foundations, as well as experts.

The House of Lords event had two expert panels. The first looked at the history of Islamic extremism while a second looked at practical steps to address the current polarisation that is threatening a number of minority groups. The presentations were kept short to allow comment and questions from the audience.
We are planning more detailed follow-throughs in the European Parliament and also in the Arab world. As Morocco has an exemplary record of religious tolerance and great centres of learning we hope that we may follow through with discussions in Morocco.

You will find pictures and recordings of the event at the following link:

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