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The Gulf Policy Forum (GPF) is an MEC international working group bringing together experts from the public and private sectors concerned with policy issues that affect the Gulf region.


Developments in the Gulf region with its vast energy reserves, financial strength and geographic location make international policy dialogue essential. GPF brings together policy advisers and decision-makers from the public and private sectors to consider implications of new policies and to review possible scenarios arising from existing policies.

GPF complements the work of other MEC working groups such as the Arab International Media Forum (AIM), the Arab Financial Forum (AFF) and the Windsor Energy Group (WEG), which address the political dimension of media, finance and energy issues in the Middle East. 

Based in London, the GPF  focuses on the relations of the Gulf states to the UK acting as a bridge into the EU, the US and the Commonwealth.


GPF provides both representatives from the Gulf, the UK and its supporters with in-depth studies and a forum to discuss issues that impact on the Gulf region. This is  particularly valuable to assist a well informed transition to a new generation of decision-makers


The Gulf Policy Forum is over-seen by an International Advisory Council made up of elder statesmen, diplomats, business leaders and academics from the Gulf and beyond. An International Board steers its programme.

The Forum is financed by private and corporate sponsorship and subscription.

To join the Gulf Policy Forum or to learn more about the GPF please Contact MEC.