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Network for Energy Technology

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Linking Innovative Technologies with Global Energy Markets.

Network for Energy Technology (NET) brings together leading experts involved with blue sky thinking on new energy and recently patented energy technologies, to consider how these will be rolled out and their impact on global energy markets. NET involves research scientists, energy financiers, IOCs and NOCs as well as relevant government policymakers. NET is chaired by Lord Oxburgh.


NET provides a neutral platform and network for an informed exchange of views on how innovative energy technologies will impact the global energy market. This is achieved through a bi-monthly programme of activities that includes: expert studies, policy discussion on energy technology developments and technology. The success of NET draws on the bringing together of key players from a range of expertise to understand the medium and long-term impact of new energy technologies.

NET considers how renewable and non-renewable energy technology has been and will be developed to fulfill growing energy demands. NET discussions are non-attributable to allow full and frank exchanges. 

To join the Network for Energy Technology or learn more about our activities, please Contact MEC  or visit our LinkedIn page .