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Windsor Energy Group

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The Windsor  Energy  Group  (WEG)  is an MEC working group that addresses  global  energy  issues  and  challenges through discussion and analysis involving senior figures from the public and private sectors.  Membership is by annual subscription.


WEG provides a framework for an exchange of views on strategic energy matters of the day.  This is achieved through a bi-monthly programme of studies assessing developments on a regional and global basis and expert round-tables.

The Group meets annually in Windsor Castle for a two-day consultation and consideration of the discussions of the year. WEG offers occasional briefings and meetings with similar bodies in Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Our success is based on having a key support group of companies and organizations complemented  by  occasional expert  input  on  specific  occasions.

Discussions are kept non-attributable to allow full and frank exchanges of views.

Ambassadorial Support

WEG’s annual meeting is held at Windsor Castle in the Spring. Further WEG briefings are hosted quarterly by Ambassadors from energy producing countries.


WEG relies on subscription from interested members to underwrite its core programmes.

Other activities are made possible through sponsorship and support in kind. Annual membership entitles an organization to take part in all of the core programme activities and members are encouraged to suggest future topic discussions.

WEG is grateful to the British Government (FCO), the Chinese Government (CNCWPC), the Japanese Government (JETRO), LOTOS, NATO, Air Products, BP, Shell, British Gas, Kuwait Petroleum, Mitsui, Marathon, Petrofac, PDVSA and Aegis for their sponsorship and support.

WEG  provides  briefings,  seminars,  studies  and  consultancy  advice  to  its  subscribers  and supporting organizations. Stephen Nash is in charge of WEG’s study programme.  

To join the Windsor Energy Group or learn more about WEG  please contact us or visit our LinkedIn page.