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MEC produces a wide variety of  material including major sectoral and regional studies,  country risk reports, books, and the MAG email advisory updates.

To commission a report or for more information about any MEC study areas please email  or call us directly at: +44-207-591-4816 .

Macro Political & Economic Studies

MEC provides regional and country briefs covering the politics and economies of the Gulf states, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. These reports are tailored for clients to explain the significance of recent events and assess future prospects and factors which may influence the stability of these sensitive regions.

Click on the links below to download sample prior year MEC reports, country briefs, working group newsletters and books from prior years:

Windsor Energy Group 2013 Autumn Roundtable

Windsor Energy Group 2007 Annual Meeting  

World Energy Markets 2005

Arab Financial Forum


Country Briefs: 


Iraq’s Oil Future




 Emerging Threats to Energy Security & Stability

A compendium of papers from a Windsor Energy Group NATO workshop at Windsor Castle. The workshop was co-directed by MEC and Academician Evgeny Velikhov, President of the Russian Research Center, Kurchatov Institute, and science and energy advisor to the Russian President. The papers examine strengths and vulnerabilities of global energy infrastructure, assessing emerging threats to energy security, and developing recommendations for energy security strategies to counter the threats posed by supply imbalance, regional instability and terrorism.  Aimed at those involved in infrastructure security as well as the Energy Sector, the publication also includes background papers on the World Energy Market, covering such issues as the Geo-Political Future of the Gulf, China and OPEC, and regional briefings on Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia and the Caspian Basin.


A Diplomats Day Cover

A Diplomat’s Day

MEC was founded by Geoffrey Hancock, his book, A Diplomat’s Day, published in 2011, tells the story of the disintegration of civil society in the Lebanese Civil War.  He draws on official documents and telegrams, diaries, media reports and other published memoirs to tell this sometimes chilling story of the disintegration of civil society as people around him fall victim to assassination and abduction. The book relates the tragic events leading up to and following the assassination of Francis Meloy (US Ambassador to the failed State of Lebanon), Robert Waring (his Economic Counsellor) and their driver, Zuhair al-Moghrabi, by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  He tells how the skeleton embassy staff remaining in the beleaguered city came, ironically, to depend for their security on the goodwill of Fatah, the Palestinian group established by Yasser Arafat.

Educated at Wellington College and Trinity College, Oxford, Geoffrey Hancock studied French and Spanish and joined the FCO with postings overseas to Mexico, Uruguay and Spain. He studied Arabic and was posted to Baghdad, Lebanon and the Gulf countries. Geoffrey served with distinction as Charge´ d’Affaires in Beirut 1976, during the Lebanon war.